Texas Monthly!!!!

What a surprise to us when one of our customers said, "Did you know y'all are in the Texas Monthly (Oct issue)?!"  WHAT???!!!  We couldn't run to the store fast enough!!  We are absolutely honored to have been apart of such a great magazine!  The fun doesn't stop there, however!  We also were invited to be featured in the Amarillo Magazine Oct issue that came out so so so very cute. Amarillo Globe News has done wonders for our lil' ole business as well by covering us not once BUT TWICE!  From the bottom of my heart, it gives me great pleasure that people love us enough to give us 5 min out of their day to ask us about GGW.  I know that the Man Upstairs is solely responsible for all the blessings we can count.  Our customers are why we are in business.  We love each and every one of you!